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Welcome to The Wheel of Life Centre situated in the Spa town of Malvern. This well established centre for complementary therapies has holistic practitioners and teachers coming together with over 20 years experience to provide natural health care from birth to old age for all the family. These complementary therapies include acupuncture, shiatsu massage; counselling; sound therapy and energy healing. Our classes include Scaravelli-inspired Yoga & Scott Pilates.

Visit our therapists page and see if there is something that is of interest to you.  Contact the therapist or The Wheel of Life Centre direct to obtain further information. If you would like to try a Yoga or Pilates class before you book for half a term, please call the teacher of the class for more details.

We offer support for women through all the cycles of life and help with the symptoms.  Individual therapists specialize in Fertility Issues, Pregnancy and Post natal care using Natural therapies, Yoga and Pilates. 

Our therapists are there to help you achieve your health potential in a Natural & Holistic way. They are approachable and are happy to tell you about their craft and discuss which therapy will be the best for you.

Why not try an Holistic, Complementary Therapy offered at the Wheel of Life Centre?  The therapies aim to facilitate self healing by encouraging your own body to heal itself.

Holistic Therapies List

Holistic therapies - AcupunctureAcupuncture, an ancient, well tried & tested form of healing to restore the body to a state of balance using fine needles to stimulate the body's own healing mechanism therefore relieving pain & blockage in the flow of energy. Complementary therapist Jennie offers treatments to accomplish this & also offers Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture.

Yoga, meditation and relaxation classes, workshops and one to one sessions. Join Alexander in her award winning Yoga studio offering classes throughout the week. Providing a style of yoga that is accessible to all ages and abilities. The style of yoga taught is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli who developed an innovative approach to yoga which is accessible to all.

Counselling Time spent with Juliet or Caroline will help you manage the problems encountered in daily life and will help overcome the anxieties that surround them.

Pilates Come and learn how Pilates taught by Liz can help you strengthen your core & back.

Reflexology Feel relaxed, revitalised, grounded, less stressed, your energy renewed and sleep & digestive problems improved with a foot reflexology treatment from Jennie.

Shiatsu with Fran, Shiatsu is a type of bodywork. Like western massage, it uses pressure, stretches, holding, joint mobilizations and rocking, to affect the physical structures of the body.  Shiatsu is a therapy that addresses all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Homeopathy  These natural, individualised remedies, help stimulate the system to restore balance and healing. Safe for all ages.Treats the physical, psychological and emotional.

E.F.T. (emotional freedom technique) This meridian tapping technique works to quickly 'tap out' negative/stressful feelings, thoughts and emotions, and then 'tap in' the desired positive thoughts feelings and emotions - Once learned this can be done without a therapist.

Stress Management help manage your stress levels by booking a consultation with Tina and she will help you find the way forward.

Therapeutic Massage release tight muscles, stimulate the circulation using  massage from Tina with aromatherapy oils if you wish and experience a state of blissful relaxation.

Natural Facelift Massage  - and Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Restore your youthful radiance and inner glow with this blissful holistic facial rejuvenation system. Deeply relaxing facial massage and stimulation of Acupuncture points help to visibly reduce fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Only 100% natural products from Neal's Yard Remedies hand selected for their aromatherapy benefits and healing regenerative properties are used. 

Clinical Hypnotherapy  Reduce stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stop smoking & aid weight loss.  You can get back in control & make positive changes with the help of Rebecca.

Sound Therapy & Energy Healing with Angie, Sound Therapy is the use of sound & vibration with the intent to bring us back into energetic and physical alignment. Science has now proved that everything in the Universe is made of energy and is in a constant state of vibration.

Please visit the therapist page to decide which one of our therapies may suit you.  To book an appointment please contact the therapist involved directly or to obtain further information.

For general enquiries please call the Wheel of Life Centre on  01684 565586

If you would like to try a Yoga or Pilates class before you book for half a term, please call the teacher of the class for more details.

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For appointments contact individual practitioners directly. For room bookings and general enquiries contact the center. Opening hours are 8am - 8pm  and the answer - phone is checked regularly so please leave us a message as we may be with a client and we will return your call asap.

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