Wheel of Life Centre celebrates its 20th year – 2018

Established 20 years ago in November 1998, Some of the current therapists 2018

The Wheel of Life Centre, situated in North Malvern, celebrates 20 years of successfully offering a range of Complementary Therapies, Yoga and Pilates classes in the community. Along with help and support from the other members of the team, Jennie Sheringham (ne Sherr), Acupuncturist/Reflexologist & manager opened the centre in response to the need of the Malvern community over 20 years ago.

(Post originally created 4 November, 2018)

Local people wishing to take care of their health & well being in the most natural way. The Wheel of Life Centre (WOLC) has grown and been sustained with passion and commitment from the therapists, teachers & loyalty of the clients & pupils. The Yoga Centre has been voted as one of the top 30 yoga centres in the UK, it is supervised & classes taught by Alexandra Jones – Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation. The centre offers treatments for all ages and for most conditions including Fertility and Pregnancy support.


Therapeutic Massage
Ayurvedic Medicine
Clean Language Facilitator for relationships


Scaravelli inspired YOGA classes
Interfaith Services among others.

The WOLC is a supporter of HHA, Homeopathy for Health in Africa, 10 years old this month. www.homeopathyforhealthinafrica.org

Earlier in the year Jennie visited the clinic & outreach centres in Tanzania and helped the patients with the use of Moxibustion.

To celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the ‘WHEEL OF LIFE CENTRE & 10 years of HHA we screened the film “Magic Pills’. More film info here