What happens at the Wheel of Life Centre?
At the Wheel of Life Centre we see all clients and students with an Holistic view, we see you as a whole being rather than just a collection of parts. We consider the mental, physical and emotional aspects of health and healing and therefore will help you in the most holistic way we can. Our aim is to compliment your lifestyle and any other treatment you may be receiving and not to only be seen as an alternative to any necessary medication etc you may require.

What are you looking for?

A therapy or a class? Do you know if you want a talking or supportive therapy? A physical hands on approach to help improve your health or a Yoga / Pilates class ? See the therapies and therapists available and if still in doubt please contact the centre and we will help you decide what may be best for you.

About the Therapists

Welcome to the Wheel of Life Centre, please see the Therapists page to help you decide what you would like from the centre. When you have decided please contact the relevant therapist to make an appointment or to join a class. If you are undecided and would like to discuss the possibilities available please call or email Jennie and she will be happy to help you choose what is best for you.

A Breif History

'The Wheel of Life Centre' was established as a Complementary Therapy centre in 1998 by Jennie who was working in the building as an Acupuncturist. She and other therapists saw the potential of a space with 3 small practice rooms and a beautiful large room suitable for Yoga & Pilates classes & small groups. Some of the Therapists have changed over the years but all the practitioners are dedicated to the well-being of others and offer their services via the centre.


The Wheel of Life Centre has full internet and wifi connectivity.