Angie Latham

Sound Meditations & Energy Healing

Tel: 01684 591052
Business name : Sacred Earth Sound Therapy
Availability: Wheel of Life Sessions (see website or Events page on Facebook for details and dates):

  • Monthly Sound Bath Meditations
  • Monthly Drum & Chanting Circle
  • Collaborations and workshops with Yoga teachers and other therapists at the centre.

Qualifications, Training:
Level 1 Integral Sound Healing
Level 2 (Practitioner) Integral Sound Healing
Diploma in Mindfulness
Member of the International Institute for Complimentary Therapists (IICT)

About me :
I am a fully qualified Sound Therapist trained with the Sound Healing Academy International based in Cornwall UK. I am also an Artist & Photographer, energy intuitive and empath.

My interest in sound therapy began when I was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2015 resulting from 6 years of working in a very stressful environment for the NHS.  I was so exhausted that I had to leave me job and give up several active hobbies. Searching for holistic help I started attending local Gong Baths and immediately experienced profound results physically, mentally and spiritually. I was also practicing Mindfulness and started meditation at home to help with my anxiety and overthinking.

The improvement of using sound and meditation on my own health has made me passionate about the benefits of sound therapy to rebalance and heal others. Sound works on many different levels and is especially good for treating stress related illness which is now estimated to contribute to over 80% of GP appointments.

I am trained in multiple instrument work which means I use a variety of therapeutic sounds such as:

    • Sacred Gong (deeply relaxing)
    • Traditional hand beaten Tibetan Singing Bowls (beautifully harmonising)
    • Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls (very high vibration - almost Angelic)
    • Frame Drum and other restful percussion instruments such as Ocean Drum , Rain Stick, Rattles and shakers. (grounding and releasing)
    • Harmonic chimes and Tuning Forks (re-balancing)

I specialise in group work - both solo and in collaboration with other wellness practitioners such as Yoga. My main areas are:

  • Group Sound Meditations (also known as Gong or Sound Baths)
  • Drumming and Chanting Circles
  • Joint Yoga & Sound Baths sessions
  • Group Chakra Clearing & Energizing
  • Private 'pamper parties' for friends and family.

1 - 2 -1 Sound Therapy Sessions with multiple or single instruments can be arranged such as Gong, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls and Tuning Forks. I will also be offering joint Reiki and Sound healing sessions shortly. Please get in touch to discuss.

What is Sound Therapy?
Relax - Rebalance - Rejuvenate!

Sound Therapy is the use of sound & vibration with the intent to bring us back into energetic and physical alignment. Science has now proved that everything in the Universe is made of energy and is in a constant state of vibration. When we are happy and in perfect health we could say we are in harmonic resonance with the world around us. We all have a unique frequency and vibration - just as we have unique finger prints or DNA. When we start to vibrate out of alignment with our own resonant frequency we start to feel 'off balance' or 'low' . Sound Therapy can help us get back into our natural state of balance by using sound and vibration to bring us back into alignment . Think of your personal frequency as a band width on the radio - when your out of alignment your energy (signal) becomes blocked and out of tune , you may feel fuzzy , irritable and not yourself. The signal gets distorted leading to stress, confusion and eventually physical dis-ease. When your back in alignment the radio signal becomes clear and strong. You feel clear headed, in balance and at peace again.

The great thing about Sound Therapy is that it works without the need for your mind to understand it or attach stories to it. You simple lie back and relax while the sounds bathe you in vibrational bliss, working right down to a cellular level. The human body is over 70% water and as such is an amazing amplifier and conductor of sound.

What do I do during a Sound Bath ?
Nothing at all!  This is your time to lie back and relax while the sounds do all the work. You lie on a Yoga mat with cushions for your head and feet and a warm blanket to wrap yourself in. If you have difficulty with lying on the floor then a garden recliner is perfect to bring along.

Simply get comfortable and relax for about an hour while I play different instruments. You will get the most from the session if you surrender to the sounds and allow your imagination to drift off and day dream. I will begin with some relaxing breathing exercises and a short meditation before playing the instruments for about 45 - 60 minutes.

Is it for me? What is it good for?
Sound Baths work on many levels and it is up to you how far you personally wish to work with the sounds. Here is a brief run down of the different levels you can work with:

Physical -
Deep relaxation for the body , giving it a rest from the physical effects of stress and helping to release tension in your muscles. Sound baths can help reduce chronic pain , raise energy levels in people with conditions such as ME/CFS and help facilitate healing from surgery or physical trauma. If you simple want a relaxing experience then you only have to work on this level.

Mental -
Excellent for people who have trouble switching off or suffer from anxiety and overthinking. The sound gives the left analytical side of our brain something to focus on which calms the 'monkey mind chatter' and enables us to connect with the creative, intuitive right side of the brain.  Our brain wave patterns drop down from the wide awake Beta waves into the meditative and creative Alpha and Theta waves. Being in Alpha & Theta waves reduces stress , calms the mind and facilitates the re-programing of negative thoughts and beliefs into more positive ones. As you are in a state of deep relaxation and mild hypnosis you can use positive affirmations to undo old ways of thinking that no longer serve you. "I am healed, healthy and in perfect alignment with what makes me happy" would be a good affirmation to use during a session.

Emotional -
If you wish to work through difficult emotions or use the sessions to release old trauma or stuck feelings then the sounds will facilitate you being able to identify and release these emotions without the need to relive the trauma or attach a victim story to them. Simply allow feelings to arise, acknowledge them and then use the sounds to let them go. You can use positive mental visualisation to assist this process such as seeing the emotions you wish to release floating away on the ocean or dissipating into the sky like clouds evaporating on a Summer's day.  Keeping negative emotions trapped or buried stops our natural energy from flowing and if we hold on to them for too long they can lead to physical illness long.

Spiritual -
Some people use sound baths to go deeper into spiritual experiences. You can have the intention to connect with your higher self, your Soul, God / Universal Divine Energy - whatever resonates with you personally. Some people use sound baths as a safe space to connect with their intuition and Angelic guides or enjoy lucid dreams and vision journeys. It is not unusual for people to have creative ideas, inspirations and receive solutions to problems they thought there was no answer to. By allowing ourselves to open up and become quiet in the mind and body we allow our inner wisdom and intuition to come to the surface.  Clients often report a feeling of deep bliss and connection to all living things - unconditional love and compassion and realisation that we are all connected and all one with the divine.

As you can see coming to a sound bath meditation can bring you ino complete balance by working on all levels of our reality. How deep you go is entirely up to you and every session will be slightly different depending on where you are and what you need at that moment. The sounds will meet you were you are, match and then raise your vibration.

What shall I bring?
Bring a Yoga mat or recliner chair to lie on , a pillow or cushion for your head and feet and a cosy blanket. It might be an idea to bring water with you in case you get thirsty. Wear layers so that you can adjust your body temperature. Your body will cool as you are in deep meditation so it's always best to bring a blanket even in the Summer.

How will I feel afterwards?
You should feel completely relaxed and at peace but also energised and uplifted. Your worries should have melted away and you should feel calm and in perfect balance. The sounds will continue to work through your body for up to 48 hours afterwards. Many people report having a great night's sleep and a feeling of bliss. The more you experience this state of balance the easier it will be to hold on to this feeling in your daily life. I will teach you simple and effective ways to handle stress and keep you feeling in balance.

Unsuitable for :

Due to the powerful vibrations of the instruments sound baths and sound therapy are not recommended for ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy , people with implants and pacemakers, those with heart conditions, anyone suffering from acute or untreated mental illness or those who suffer from epilepsy. If in doubt please contact me