Fran Robinson

Fran Robinson Shiatsu PractitionerShiatsu

tel: 01531 636467

Info:  Shiatsu (Japanese Therapeutic Massage) helps re-balance Ki energy, mobilise joints, and ease physical symptoms (suitable for all ages/conditions including pregnancy). Psychosynthesis Counselling - pragmatic and transpersonal exploration of emotional issues. Shiatsu and Psychosynthesis can work together to integrate emotional change.

Days:  Fran will be returning to work in September 2013, See below

Wheel of Life Centre, Malvern;

Tuesday Appointments at 11:00; 12:30; 3:00; 4:30

On Tues 24th Sept I will change this shedule to offer a
later appointment 11:30; 2:15; 3:30; 5:15pm
Wednesday Appointments at 10:30; 12:00
Thursday 11:00; 12:30; 3:00

Friday 10:30;12:00