Wheel of Life Centre celebrates its 20th year – 2018

Established 20 years ago in November 1998, Some of the current therapists 2018

The Wheel of Life Centre, situated in North Malvern, celebrates 20 years of successfully offering a range of Complementary Therapies, Yoga and Pilates classes in the community. Along with help and support from the other members of the team, Jennie Sheringham (ne Sherr), Acupuncturist/Reflexologist & manager opened the centre in response to the need of the Malvern community over 20 years ago.

(Post originally created 4 November, 2018)
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Alexandra Stevenson

I’m a registered and experienced Nutritional Therapist and meditation teacher. I specialise in working with women with disordered eating and body image issues.… Read More

Rebecca Edmonds

Clinical hypnotherapy offers a unique approach to overcoming obstacles and making permanent, sustainable changes. It uses relaxation techniques which are pleasant and enjoyable… Read More

Meryl Kemp

During a session I work with the client to help them really connect with the process, to experience changes in emotions, pain or fears that may be overwhelming them.… Read More

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