Alexandra Stevenson

Nutritional Therapy for food and body image issues

Tel: 01886 832181

Nutritional Therapy for food and body image issues

About me

I’m a registered and experienced Nutritional Therapist and meditation teacher. I specialise in working with women with disordered eating and body image issues. I’m a Health at Every Size informed practitioner, which means that my work promotes wellbeing through equality and compassionate self-care. It recognises that people of all weights benefit from healthful behaviours and being treated with respect, and so shifts its focus from weight-control for some to health-gain for all.

 I use Intuitive and mindful eating practices to support women to find a way of eating that works for them, a way which supports their health and well-being as well achieving freedom and empowerment around food and body image.

If you are struggling with a difficult relationship with food and your body, I can help you to understand your eating behaviours and develop self-compassion and support you on your healing journey.

Qualifications and training

PG Dip Nutritional Therapy
Meditation teacher (BSoM)
Mindful Eating, Conscious Living (ME-CL) course facilitator
Body Image training for clinicians with Marci Evans RD and Fiona Sutherland RD