Daiany Bradley


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Info: My practice works with universal principles. I use nature to facilitate healing and restore vitality. Nature pulses at full potential and is vitality. For us to be feeling healthy and happy our body and spirit needs to vibrate in a harmonious way.

Naturology uses a broad canvas of ancient and modern healing approaches. It considers the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person, encouraging them to be active and responsible for their health and transformation. The aim of my practice is to stimulate your ability to heal yourself by using natural resources, so you can experience more balance, flow and harmony. The natural therapies used in the sessions are:

Aromatherapy ∙ Reflexology ∙ Massage ∙ Bach Flower Remedies ∙ Hydrotherapy ∙ Art Therapy ∙ Colourpuncture*

*Colourpuncture involves the application of coloured light frequencies to acu-points on the skin, supporting the body’s natural healing processes.

Being present, open and accepting creates a space for understanding, expression and release. A session provides a pathway woven with natural therapies where transformation happens. A space of nurturing and nourishing support,  a session allows you a more peaceful and loving acceptance of yourself.


If you are interested in discussing your own personal journey with me, please give me a call. I provide a FREE 20 minute initial consultation by phone.

First Intake Session 90 minutes – £65
Follow up sessions 60 minutes – £45
Course of 6 x 60 minutes sessions (paid in advance) – £240

About Daiany

Growing up in the Brazilian countryside, I became passionate about the healing power of nature at an early age. I was always fascinated by the knowledge my mother had of plants and herbs when she treated myself and my brothers with herbal remedies. Later, I knew I wanted to share my passion and learning with others and this lead me to gain a Degree in Naturology at the University of Southern Santa Catarina in Brazil.